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Product Type Categories

This article will help you set up Product Type Categories for your Products should you choose to use them.

While it's worth noting that Product Type Categories aren't required for setting up products, they will help keep you more organized should you have a lot of products to enter, or as you expand your offerings and add products to sell to your Trackside. The easiest way to add these is going to be in the Product Setup Assistant as you're creating the product. The alternative method is going to be on the Product Page where all of your products will be listed and a little more searching may be involved.

Step 1 - Navigate to Product Type Categories

Not surprisingly, we're going to set up Product Type Categories under Product Type Categories. Once you're logged in, hover over Commerce.


Next, hover over Configuration.


Then hover over Products.


From there you can click on Product Type Categories.

Step 2 - Add a Product Type Category

If you need to go back and edit your Product Type Categories later, you'll do so from this screen by clicking on the name of the category you want to edit under Name. You'll have the same options available to you as setting up a new category as we'll do for this walkthrough. To add a new Product Type Category, click on Add Product Type Category.


This will take us to the screen we'll be setting the new category up in. You'll input the Product Type the category will be listed under, give it a name, and you can order them if you'd like, otherwise you can just input a 1 into the display order box. Once again, it's important to not miss the Active checkbox at the bottom of the form. As with other places we've encountered it before, you won't be able to select it in the Product Setup Assistant if this box is not checked.


Once you have everything filled in, click Save changes at the bottom.


This will establish your new Product Type Category and return you to your list of categories. You'll have a confirmation toward the top of the screen.