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Send a Newsletter Issue

(This is a quick placeholder outline from a support email Sarah sent. Images and any further elaboration will be added later, but hopefully this will get you the gist of the process in the meantime!)


Go to Content, click on the tab "Newsletter issues".

Click the button "+ Add Newsletter Issue"

Give it a title (subject)

In the Body field, change Text Format at the bottom from Basic HTML to Full HTML. This will give you more editing options.

Input your content into the Body field, you can type text, change headings, add images, etc.

Once done, click Save at the bottom. Don't worry, this won't send it yet.

Click on the tab "Newsletter" - this is where you will send it from. I always recommend sending yourself a test version to make sure everything looks good, so type your email address into the Test email addresses field, then click "Send test newsletter issue".

If you want to make any changes, you can do that from the "Edit" tab.

Otherwise, if it all looks good you can click the "Send now" button (while on the Newsletter tab).