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Account Features

Some of the ways Trackside makes both the racer's and spectator's lives easier.

Before Arrival

Tips for both spectators and drivers on how to make arrival at the track go more smoothly.

Customer Service

This book will highlight managing your customers' profiles and managing orders.

Digital Waivers & Tech Form

This book will clarify how to upload your forms and set up data entry locations so you can stop filing and archiving paper copies.

E-mails & Text Messaging

This Book will cover the majority of your comms with your customer base. This will include Newsletters, SMS, and e-mail comms.

Editing Events & Pricing

This Book highlights how to edit your event listings and some of your ticket products once you have your event established.

End User Terms of Use

This contains Terms of Use for racers & spectators using the Trackside platform.

Event Cancellation

This book highlights event cancellation tools within Trackside, whether that be cancelling a full event or just a portion of yo...

Event Setup

This section will help you get your events listed onto your Trackside site.

Event Setup Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble working with events in Trackside, we may have your answer here!

Front Gate Troubleshooting

Having problems checking customers in and have a line in front of you? These may help!


Terms are defined within this book.

Onboarding Training Refreshers

This book is intended to assist with covering topics dealing with website setup that will be covered in onboarding training.

Participant Check-in

This book will cover Checking in your participants from both the participant's standpoint and the process for the track staff.

Point of Sale Troubleshooting

Issues and lessons learned with use of the Point of Sale that have arisen in the past.

Point-Of-Sale Configuration

This section highlights setup of the Point-Of-Sale for use in on-site sales, whether it be from the Trackside POS or Trackside ...


This book will help you set up different types of Products and show you how to manage them once you have them listed.

Purchasing Tickets

Everything you'll need to know as a racer or spectator for how to buy tickets from organizations using Trackside.