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Cancellation Code Redemption at the POS

Step 1 - Navigate to Staff Cancellation Code Redemption

Hover your cursor over Trackside in the Management Menu to expand the menu. Alternatively, you can click on Trackside and it will take you to a separate page where you can also click on the next step to reach the same end result.


Hover your cursor over Event Cancellation in the Trackside menu.


Click on Staff Cancellation code Redemption in the Event Cancellation menu.


Step 2 - Create Credit from Cancellation Code

Once you make it to the next screen, place your cursor in the Receipt Cancellation Code box by clicking in it.


Locate the Cancellation QR code at the bottom of the ticket and scan it with a QR code scanner. Alternatively you may manually key in the code below the QR code.

Once the code appears in the Receipt Cancellation Code box, click the Redeem Gift Card button to generate a gift card from the cancelled items.


This will generate a transaction to create the gift card, and details of the transaction will show on the screen. You will have a gift card code that you may use immediately at the Point of Sale, or may provide the customer with the gift card code and amount displayed. If using the gift card immediately, you will copy the code by clicking the icon next to the code.

Step 3 - Use Credit Toward New Purchase

Once you are back in your point of sale and have your ticket for the new purchase together, click Checkout, and from there, click Apply Gift Card.


Paste the copied Gift Card Code into the Gift Card text box. Ctrl-V is the keyboard shortcut if you need it.

Click the Apply button below the Gift Card text box to apply the credit from the cancelled event. From this point you will complete your transaction as normal as detailed in the Using the Point of Sale chapter.