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Event Listing

The Event Listing is more or less the backbone of what Trackside needs to serve it's purpose. A link to an Event Listing is what appears on your Events Page. When users click on an event, they see all the information from the Event Listing on the Event Listing Page. The Event Listing is treated as Content, can be found on the Content Page, and is linked to Products.

On an Event Listing Page, when you click on "Purchase Tickets," a pop up appears with links to the Participant Registration Product and the General Admission Ticket Product if you have one. Clicking on Purchase Tickets on this pop up then takes you to the Product page.

It's important to understand the relationship between Event Listings, Participant Registration Products and General Ticket Products!

Think of it like this: one single "event" is actually composed of three things:

  1. Event Listing Page
  2. Participant Registration Product
  3. General Ticket Product

An Event Listing Page displays your event's main information, and then LINKS your customer to one or two products - a Participant Registration Product and/or a General Ticket Product.