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Understanding Registers and Register Groups


Registers refer to your physical hardware, whether it be a full size Point of Sale unit or a handheld Point of Sale unit. Each Register must be defined within Trackside and have its own unique name. During your onboarding process, we work with you to set these up. Most of the time they are named/numbered.

Your Registers will then be assigned to a Register Group.


Register Groups will define what products will appear on your Register's Point of Sale screen (buttons). Later you will map products to specific Register Group(s), but for now we will define the groups themselves.

Register Groups are generally defined by location. Where will you place your registers? Will your Register locations require different Products to appear as buttons? Register Groups will vary from one track to another, or be totally different for promoters.

The key thing to remember here is that your Register Group will define which products can be sold from the Registers assigned the the group.

  • If you have only one entry gate, you may choose to have a "Front Gate" Register Group, which will sell participant AND spectator tickets.
  • If you have one gate for racers and another for spectators, we recommend having a Register Group for each one. That way your staff will only see the tickets relevant to the gate they are selling at.
  • If you have a souvenir or pro shop, create a Register Group for it. This way your souvenirs won't be showing up on the front gate registers and overwhelming your staff with too many buttons to choose from.
  • If you have a concessions stand, the same concept applies. Make a Concessions Register Group so that only the registers assigned to this group will be selling burgers and fries.
Below is an example of how one track may set up their Registers and Register Groups:

How To - Register Image.png