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Creating Images of Your Forms

Note that the digital waivers and tech form process requires you to have a .png file of your forms to upload. If you don't have image editing software to create one from scratch, or a media partner, you can scan your current form.

If by odd chance your scanner doesn't scan directly to .png, if you can scan to .jpg, you should be able to put that file into a free image editor and export it to .png. Windows may even be able to do this in Paint or Paint 3D. You can look for a program called GIMP if you don't already have something capable, and it will definitely do the conversion for you. Download and open the program, drag your .jpg into the window, go to File, and then Export, and change the file type to .png and complete your export.

If that's also not an option, you might try scanning to .pdf. Adobe Express should allow you to convert that .pdf to a .png and it's browser based and a basic account is free. Just be aware of your account settings as you may wish to opt out of sending them your information.

If you are unable to get or create an image of your waivers or forms, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist. This is usually something that gets set up once and remains in place for many years unless you change your waivers or forms.