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Reviewing Spectator Waivers at the Front Gate (Modified Plan Feature)

Note: This is a Modified Plan feature. If you are on a lower level plan, use of this feature may change your per-ticket usage rate to the associated higher rate.

This article will guide you to where to find more information on processing Spectator waivers once you have them set up in Trackside.

As with Participant Pre-Check-Ins, encouraging your spectators to complete their waiver online before reaching the gate can reduce the labor and time involved in Front Gate operations. They can certainly be a little harder to convince than the Participants, but if you'd like to create a visual incentive for those who felt like it wasn't worthwhile, you can send a front gate operator into your line for online registrations with a Trackside Handheld to quickly scan in those with their waiver complete and get them out of the line and through the gate.

Additional info on processing Spectator Waivers at the Front Gate will be found in When Waivers are Required (Modified Plan Feature).