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Participant Waiver Coordinates (Modified Plan Feature)

Note: This is a Modified Plan feature. If you are on a lower level plan, use of this feature may change your per-ticket usage rate to the associated higher rate.

This article will help you take the information the participant and your staff input into Trackside and make it go into the correct place on the Participant Waiver.

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings under Check-In

Participant Waiver coordinates will be accessed from Check-In, so first start by hovering over Trackside.


From the Trackside menu, click on Check-In.


Once the Check-In screen loads, you'll need to click on the Settings tab.


Step 2 - Position Coordinates

Once on the Settings tab, you'll notice a submenu on the left. You'll need to click on Waiver coordinates to continue.


You should now be looking at your Participant Waiver along with some labels and signature boxes. These information boxes are all labeled.

Even though the boxes on the left have coordinates in them, you canĀ simply drag and drop these boxes into place where you need them on your form!

The signature box is also drag & drop with the added option to resize. Make sure you leave plenty of room to sign! The little black box in the bottom right of the signature box will allow you to change the size more easily. Just position the top left of the box where you want it to end up, and you can drag the bottom right into place.

Have information boxes you don't need? Just place them below the form.


Once you have everything in place, click Save configuration at the bottom and your Participant Waiver is all set! You may want to do a test check-in just to make sure all of the information fills in on the form like you expect so it's not an issue that crops up the day of the event!