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General Ticket

Continuing from where Participant Event left off, we're now going to set up the General Admission Ticket Product in the Event Setup Assistant. If you're following along from there, you're going to find setup of this Product is very similar.

Step 1 - Fill in the Form, Then Click Next

Enter General Admission Description

This block will allow you to add a description that's specific to your General Admission Ticket Product.


This will show when your General Admission customers click Purchase Tickets from the Event Listing Page.


Enter General Admission Special Instructions (optional)

Here you will enter any special instructions you need to pass along to your General Admission Ticket buyers. As stated in the assistant, these will be sent in the order confirmation email and displayed after ticket purchase on your Trackside site, so your customers will only see these after they've bought their ticket.


Select General Admission Ticket Types

At this point, we'll be setting the General Admission Ticket Types you'll be selling for the event.


Select the Ticket Types you want to offer for the event from the Available list. You can click one at a time, or you can select multiple Ticket Types to add at once by holding Ctrl before you click on the next one.

If you don't see the Ticket Type you need shown here, refer to Ticket Types to verify your Ticket Type is active, and create it if needed. Revisit Prerequisites to verify you have everything you need set up for creating an Event Listing. The Ticket Types list in the Event Setup Assistant does not auto update. Go ahead and finish your event for now. Once you've completed the Event Setup Assistant and have an Event Listing, fix your Ticket Types. Then see Add Ticket Types for how to add Ticket Types after establishing your Event Listing.


Click on Add Selected to add them to a list that will appear on the right.


Set Ticket Type Price

Once your Ticket Types are added, an additional box will appear on the right with your Ticket Types. Under the price column, you may then set the price for each Ticket Type as needed.


Set Ticket Type Stock

If you have a maximum facility capacity, or just want to limit the number of General Admission Ticket Products you're selling, this is where you'll set that.

  • Entering a number under Set Stock sets a maximum limit to those Ticket Types.
  • The Unlimited Stock button will make it so there is no upper limit to how many tickets you can sell to that Ticket Type. This will override any stock you've set.

If you later need to change ticket stock or want unlimited stock, that will be covered in Manage Stock.


Add Agree to Terms (optional)

As shown on the Assistant, text entered into this box will create a check box the General Admission Ticket Product buyers must acknowledge by checking before they can purchase their registration.

This area is good for general terms and conditions such as:

  • I have read and agree to all terms and conditions set forth by Your Race Track.
  • I had read and agree to the purchase, refund and cancellation policy.
  • I have read and agree to the track's rules and regulations.


Click Next

Your General Admission Ticket Product will be all set up by this point, and we're ready to move on to a review of everything that's been entered for the Event Listing! Click Next!


Step 2 - Verify Your Inputs & Create Event Listing

Verify & Click Next

The review will take you back through each part of the Event Setup Assistant to verify your inputs. Be sure to double check each section and click Next to proceed.


Click Create Event

Once you're done with your review, click Create Event. See Editing Events & Pricing if you'd like more details on what it is you'll be able to edit after completion of the Event Setup Assistant.


Confirmation Page

Congratulations! Your Event Listing and ticket products have been created! If you chose to publish your event, it will be listed on your Events Page.