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About Products

If you haven't seen them yet, it might be good to review the Glossary articles for Product, Option, and Variation. This is where we'll be tying them all together. You can also take a look at Participant Registration Product, Participant Registration (Product), General Admission Ticket Product, and General Admission Ticket (Product) for more information regarding those two particular Products.

When talking Trackside, Products are anything you're going to be selling, from tickets, to concessions, to parking. It's all your Product. Particularly when talking about merchandising, it's important to understand that your Products may have Options. What color it is, the size, perhaps where it's at on site in the case of parking, etc. When your customer picks out the combinations of Options they want, what they're going to have is a Variant of that Product. When selling tickets, you can think of Ticket Types and Driver Classifications as special kinds of Variations. Products are what you're trying to sell, Options are how they can differ, and Variations are specifically what the customer is going to choose.