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Edit Pending Carts

This article will show you around editing in progress carts to assist with customer orders and some of the actions you can take to assist.

Step 1 - Navigate to Carts

To assist with customer carts, first log in, then hover over Commerce in the Management Menu.


Once the menu expands, click Orders.


When you get to the Orders screen, click on the Carts tab.

Under the drop down menu on the right, there's a Clone button...
See the Clone tab? We don't talk about the Clone tab. We don't touch the Clone tab. DON'T USE THE CLONE TAB!


Step 2 - Edit Pending Cart

Now we get to take a look at the Edit tab. You can click the Edit tab in the View tab if you're following from the previous article, or select Edit from the drop down menu if you're in Carts.

See the Clone tab? We don't talk about the Clone tab. We don't touch the Clone tab. DON'T USE THE CLONE TAB!



Before you perform any actions here, go have a look at Manually Create an Order for a Customer so you have a basic idea of the most common needs here. That said, I'm sure there are uses outside of a manual order to be here, so we'll walk through it.

The top right of the screen should look familiar from View Pending Carts. On the top left, you can see billing information. If the customer has not yet added their billing info, this will be a blank form to be filled in.

If they already have addresses in their Address Book, you have the option to change the address to one in their Address Book. See Address Book if you need help on how to edit the saved addresses. There is also an Edit button provided that will unlock the form for editing the billing info.


Below that, you can see the items currently on the order. If the customer has put the wrong item in the cart, you will click remove. Clicking edit will not allow you to change the product that is in the cart, only removing and adding a new item will replace it.


Clicking Edit will give you the option to change the item quantity, and allow you to override the price if needed. Click Update order item when you're done updating.


When you click Add new order item, you will be presented with the same interface with the exception of being able to choose the item you're going to add to the cart.

Below that you will have the option to add adjustments similar to how misc charges work in the Point of Sale. There is a list of different varieties of adjustments you may add. Once you pick the type of adjustment, you'll then have the option to add a label for the adjustment that will show up on the receipt and enter an amount.


Below that you have the option to add a comment to the adjustment as well.


At the bottom of the page, you can offset part or all of the balance by applying a coupon or gift card. Just enter the appropriate code for either one.


Don't forget to save your edits when you're done!