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View a Published Event Listing

There are a couple ways to view a published Event Listing.

Easy Method - Events Page

The easiest way to find a published Event Listing is to click on it from your Events Page.


Alternative Method - Content

Step 1: Click Content

If you're having trouble finding the event on your Events Page to click on it from there, this is an alternative method to accomplish the same thing, similar to Viewing an Unpublished Event Listing. Once logged in, you may click on the Content tab in the Management Menu to visit the Content Page.


Step 2: Find Event

From the Content Page, you can use the search function if you need, and you can click on the event name to take you to the Event Listing, but if we're just trying to edit, the next step will save you another click.


Step 3: Click Edit

If we're just trying to edit the Event Listing, once you find the event in the list, instead of clicking on the name, you can just click on the Edit button on the right side of the page to bring you directly to where you'll be able to edit your Event Listing.