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Before You Edit Your Participant Registration Product

Before you edit your Participant Registration Product, it's important to understand the relationship between Event Listings, Participant Registration Products and General Ticket Products!

Think of it like this: one single "event" is actually composed of three things:

  1. Event Listing Page
  2. Participant Registration Product
  3. General Ticket Product

An Event Listing Page displays your event's main information, and then LINKS your customer to one or two products - a Participant Registration Product and/or a General Ticket Product - which is what they end up purchasing.

Edit the Products (either Participant or General Ticket) to update:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Front Gate hours
  • Track
  • Special Instructions
  • Update Base Price
  • Update Variation Price
  • Manage Stock
  • Add Driver Classification/Ticket type

Edit the Event Listing as detailed in Edit an Event Listing to update:

  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • Event Description
  • Important Times
  • Linked Participant Registration Product & Description
  • Linked General Ticket Product & Description
  • Event Image
  • Password lock for event
  • Expenses for your analytics
  • Publishing/Unpublishing your event from your Home Page