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Add Miscellaneous Charge or Discount

Positive numbers = charge

Negative numbers = discount!

Step 1 - Click Misc Charge

To add a miscellaneous charge to the transaction, while on the Point-Of-Sale Cart screen, click the Misc Charge button.


This will create a pop-up for the Miscellaneous Charge.


Step 2 - Input Title & Price

Change the Title to something descriptive - it will show up on the transaction and receipt, as well as in reporting. You will also input the Price at this point, which can be entered as a simple number such as "20" for $20.00".


Or make a discount

If you input a negative number as the price, this will come off their total as a discount. For example, enter "-10" to take $10.00 off of their purchase.


Step 3 - Save

Once you have entered the details of your Miscellaneous Charge, click Save to add the Charge or Discount to the Cart.


You will then see your Miscellaneous Charge in the Cart.

You may add more than one Misc. Charge or Discount to the cart.