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Important Note Regarding Auto Scan

Take note of the Auto Scan warning at the top of the Checkout screen. When displayed, this warning informs you that the Register you are using will immediately consume any Participant Registration Products or General Admission Ticket Products. This is good for Front Gate Registers, as you will skip any further check-in when selling tickets for your event at the gate, so this feature is helpful to have turned on there.

If you have a large facility or a large event and are selling tickets at one gate but scanning them at another, this needs to be turned off. If you need help turning this off, see Registers .

If this is enabled and you're selling for a future event(s) from the track's office or pro shop, when your customer returns on the day of the event, their ticket will be scanned as valid but already consumed. This is going to look like your customer is trying to use someone else's ticket and will create confusion, so it is suggested to have Auto Scan off in these other locations if you're selling admission to future events on site. If you need help turning this off, see Registers .