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Via USB Dongle

This article will show you how to wirelessly connect your Trackside Bluetooth QR Scanner to the Trackside Point of Sale using the included dongles.

The USB dongles are factory paired with the scanners, so if a dongle is lost, this method will no longer work for that scanner. This also means scanners can only be used on the Point of Sale unit that it's matching dongle is plugged into.

Bear in mind that the scanner has an internal battery and will need to be charged to operate in this mode. If the scanner fails to operate, try charging the scanner.

These dongles will allow you to operate wirelessly for a small radius. If you need a longer range, see Via Bluetooth.

Trackside Scanner Connection Sheet

The most up to date version of the Trackside Scanner Connection Sheet now resides at . Make sure to check the second page for additional functionalities!

Step 1 - Insert Matching Dongles Into Scanner & Point of Sale

There is a port in the bottom of the scanner for the dongle. You can use any available USB ports on the back of the Point of Sale. These are usually preinstalled when they're shipped to you. Just verify the numbers are matching. The ones in the pictures below do not and the scanner would fail to operate in that situation.



Step 2 - Enable USB Dongle Connection

With your QR Code Scanner Connection Sheet, scan steps 1-3 under Enable USB Dongle Connection in order. This should enable the wireless dongle connection. You may try a test scan to ensure the connection was successful.